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CallerLeads Benefits For Your Business

  • Exclusive leads to one type of business at a time in one area!!!

  • Leads delivered by phone calls and emails!

  • Optimized for both Desktop and Mobile searches!

  • We do the advertising for you!

  • Affordable advertising for most any budget!

  • No long term commitment required!

  • Cancel at any time!

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is to Find More Customers
For Your Business or Service

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You Need More Customers For Your Business Today!

These days, more customers find the businesses they want to do business with by finding them on the internet. Internet marketing has become an essential resource for finding new customers. Most businesses though, do not spend enough time on optimizing their internet marketing to be effective. That is where a service like CallerLeads can Help Businesses Find New Customers over the Internet.

How CallerLeads Works to help find new customers:

  1. We Set Up a Web Page Promoting Your Service to Prospective Customers.
  2. This web page is optimized to be found by customers in your area for the services your business offers.
  3. On the web page the interested customer can either call your business or can submit a request to be contacted.
  4. All calls and submissions to your business are logged so you only pay for delivered leads.

CallerLeads.com is an internet advertising service for leads for local businesses.  We use many internet marketing techniques to attract potential customers to contact your business. The customer can contact your business by phone or by submission of an email form. We log all the calls and emails they make contact to you and use the information for continual optimization of our advertising to find you more customers.  Your business receives these WARM LEADS! without having to spend your time and resources on learning and continually improving your internet marketing. This leaves you with more time to take care and keep your customers with best in class customer service.


How do we find new customers for you ?

  • Set Up and Manage Online Search Engine Advertising

  • We Set Up a Web Page Promoting Your Service to Prospective Customers

  • The Web page has a phone number which forwards all prospect calls to your business

  • The Web page has a email form which sends prospect email inquiries to your business

  • The Web Advertising page will be optimized for MOBILE and DESKTOP searches

  • Advertising is Targeted to Prospective Customers in Your Area

  • Our Advertising Will Be Exclusive For You In Your Area

We are not trying to replace your current website and internet marketing.

We are giving you additional internet marketing and driving phone calls and emails from interested customers to your business!

You only pay when we deliver calls and emails from potential customers !

Why use our advertising service:

In this age there are more people looking for services on the internet than on the older advertising media.

We have a Proven System: 

  • We have over 10 years of experience in advertising on search engines.
  • We Analyze your market and competitors
  • Find Keyword phrases being used by potential customers for your type of business
  • Write up the Ads for attract customers to your business
  • Set up a web page to compel potential customers to contact you
  • Measure the effectiveness of your ads and make changes to optimize
  • Report on customer traffic our advertising delivered on a monthly basis
  • Ads for Your Service: Will be viewed by prospects that are searching on computers and on mobile devices in your area for your business or services.
  • Affordable: For as little as just $10/lead we set up your ads, set up a web page promoting you service, which brings you prospective customer calls and email inquiries.
  • For our Premium service, our Advertising Is Exclusive: When we start advertising for your service, we will not advertise for a competitor’s business in your area.
  • No Long Term Commitment: You can cancel after receiving the value of $ 125 in search advertising, or you can continue with more advertising at an advertising budget you decide is affordable.

If you are in business you probably advertise. Just have a brick and mortar location and/or just a website on the internet is not enough! If you are not doing internet advertising you are missing out on significant opportunity of finding new customers searching to find what your business offers. We can HELP YOU!

Have Customer Prospects Will Call You and Email You About Your Services


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